Meet Kathy J

Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m the eBike Chick. Or just “an” ebike chick. Whether you capitalize it or not, I’m the voice behind this blog. So you can laud me or blame me for everything here.

For the short version of who I am and what this blog is about, you can read my post here. For more background on me and this blog, keep reading.

I started this blog because of my affection for ebikes and the many common misconceptions I see about them on a daily basis. But just like ebikes are fairly new on the scene in the biking world, I am also a rather new convert. I began life as an equestrian (still am) and have a deep love for that sport and horses in general. It was only about four years ago during a time off while my horse rehabbed an injury that a friend got an old mountain bike of mine going so I wouldn’t go crazy sitting around. Unlike in the past when I had a failure to launch with cycling, I learned how to be safe in a group and on the road, how social cycling can be, how much fun exploring on a bike is, and how accessible Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties are by bike. I loved it and became a dual sport girl.

But I found that as a beginner, and a short beginner with short legs at that, it was tough for me to keep up with the pack. Enter ebikes. I discovered I didn’t have to kill myself keeping up with much more experienced (and taller) riders. I could concentrate on enjoying the ride rather than on whether the group had to worry about leaving me behind. I knew my friends would take care of me; it was more a matter of my own comfort and helping me to feel less self-conscious. And as I grew stronger and more experienced, I could rely more on my legs and gears than on my motor.

As time marched on and I became more involved in the biking community, I found that there were some very common myths about ebikes, everything from “they’re cheating” to “they’re dangerous.” There’s also both a learning curve associated with terminology and the myriad of types available on the market and an ever-advancing update to the technology available in the ebike market. As soon as you think you know all the motors out there, BOOM! someone introduces something different. States throughout the country regulate bikes differently. Some don’t regulate them at all. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed with information.

Because of these factors, many people think an ebike isn’t for them, and maybe it’s not. But many times they think that because of a misperception rather than a valid roadblock. “It’s cheating,” they say, as they take a shuttle to the top of a hill so they can ride their mountain bike to the bottom. “They’re dangerous,” they say as they pass a pedestrian on a 15mph trail while going over 20mph without so much as a ding from a bell. Or they look at all the options available and it’s just too overwhelming, so maybe they’ll buy something “later.”

I’d like to squash those fallacies.

I’d like to clear up that confusion for you.

I want you to know that yes, an ebike can fit into your life. And for some excellent reasons.

So welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay. I hope when you’re done you’ll know a little more and feel a little more confident than when you arrived.