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  • See you at Sea Otter!
    Hey, cycling fans! Put on your helmet and get ready for a four-day cycling festival you will never forget: the Sea Otter Classic, located in picturesque Monterey, California. Each year, cyclists from all around … Read more
  • Keep your ebike clean with Muc-Off
    Hey there, ebike enthusiast! If you’re ready to take your ebike maintenance skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Now, let’s talk about products. You’ve probably heard of Muc-Off, right? … Read more
  • Fi’zi:k’s unique Adaptive saddles
    As someone who has comfort issues when riding, be it road or mountain biking, I’m looking forward to catching up with Fi’zi:k at this yar’s Sea Otter Classic to chat with them about their … Read more
  • Wild rides with Wild Rye
    I’m always excited to see women-owned companies at the Sea Otter Classic, and women-specific clothing companies are even more exciting. Coming from the equestrian world where most clothing is geared towards women, I’ve found … Read more
  • eBikes: Chains matter
    Hi ebike peeps. Just a short post today because I want to share with you a thought of mine: Chains matter. I was in a local bike shop stocking up on some supplies (they … Read more
  • Safe ebike battery tips
    An upfront note: This is a huge issue with ebikes, particularly cheap ebikes sold direct to consumer that don’t meet UL or the equivalent European standards. While I hope to write about this in … Read more
  • Bicycle Bargains – Cyber Monday Deals!
      Here is a recap of the latest deals I’ve found. Enjoy and spread the love! If you click one of my links, it may be an affiliate link and I may get a … Read more
  • Bicycle Bargains Update 10/21/22
    Here is a recap of the latest deals I’ve found. Enjoy and spread the love! If you click one of my links, it may be an affiliate link and I may get a small … Read more
  • Seen at Sea Otter: Bianchi Aria E-Road
    I couldn’t help but notice this bike when walking by the Bianchi booth. The “Summertime Dream” color (yes, that’s the actual name) is iridescent and amazing. When I walked over and saw that it’s … Read more
  • Sea Otter is here!
    Yes, folks. It’s finally here. After 3 years we’re finally back on an April schedule and we’re onsite at Sea Otter. Yay! I’ll be using this post to update you on shorts from the … Read more
  • I crashed. In this case, my helmet saved me.
    I know in cycling helmet usage can be a controversial topic. I’m not here to tell you to wear one. All I can say is I crashed and in this specific situation, and in … Read more
  • An ebike someday? Why not now?
    If you’re an ebike afficionado, you’ve had this conversation before: Them: Maybe someday I’ll get an ebike. You: Why not now? Them: I will when I’m older. I like to ride a “real” bike. … Read more
  • Ebikes are not dangerous
    I won’t bother y’all with the backstory of how the following landed in my lap. But if you’ve ever owned or been asked about ebikes, you’ve probably run across something like this before: Ebikes! … Read more
  • Sea Otter Classic is just around the corner…
    For some of us lucky enough to have made it to the much-delayed Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, last October, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were riding around on … Read more
  • I bet you’re wondering: What is eBike Chick about?
    Greetings! Yes, there is a chick behind eBike Chick. I’m Kathy J, and you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me in the “About” section. But if you’re here for the … Read more