“eBike Chick Approved” Requirements

eBike Chick Approved official patch

eBike Chick Approved official patch


eBikes and apparel that meet exacting standards of road worthiness and inclusive fit qualify for the “eBike Chick Approved” sticker, patch and seal.

It takes a lot for an ebike or a product to be included in the eBike Chick Approved list. eBikes must be safe, legal, size-inclusive and personally tested. Apparel has to be technical enough for a ride, fashionable enough to stop for a drink, and be available in sizes to fit all riders. Here’s the lowdown on what qualifies to make the list:

For ebikes, they must meet the following criteria in order to be included in the list:

  • Must be a class 1, 2 or 3 ebike. (See People For Bike’s model legislation for the technical definition of each class.) No hybrids. No combos. No “can be either”s. The ebike needs to be sold as a single class of ebike and stay that way.
  • Must be sold in sizes that fit riders down to 5ft (152cm) tall. 
  • Must meet either the UL2849 (US) or EN15194 (EU) standard for ebike electrical systems. (Some exceptions can be made for legacy systems with proven reliability.)
  • Personally ridden and tested by myself or a close associate. 

Apparel must meet the following standards:

  • Have specific women-friendly features, not just a relabeling of guy stuff.
  • Be versatile on and off the bike.
  • Have technical features that make riding more comfortable.
  • Be available in a variety of sizes to fit both smaller and larger riders, and everyone in-between. 
  • Preference is given to women-owned businesses, but not a requirement.

High-quality ebike-related products can also be included in the eBike Chick Approved listing if they have a special interest for ebike riders. 

If you’d like to submit your product for consideration in the eBike Chick Approved list, contact me